Whatsapp and Facebook biggest IM’s in most countries.

In a very helpful and insightful chart, WikiBrains shows us that Whatsapp and Facebook are the leading Instant Messaging platforms in most countries, thus surprising exactly no one. 

Instant Messaging War

via WikiBrains.com

Also not surprising at all: Line rules in Japan, Greece, the Ukraine and Mother Russia still think Vibe is hip, Hangouts is nowhere to be seen and the 1.3 billion Chinese using something no one else has ever heard about.


Facebook buys Whatsapp. Continues on path towards World Domination.

So by now you all know that Facebook has bought Whatsapp for a few billion dollars.

This is definitely big news, but not exactly surprising.  

While other companies go around buying every other app or start-up they come across, Facebook has been following a disciplined mixed strategy of in-house development and big market-shaking acquisitions when it comes to the mobile market. On one hand, they released Pages, their own Messenger with its infamous chat-heads and most recently Paper, their would be Flipbook-killer; while on the other they dropped 1 billion dollars on Instagram in 2012 and now a jaw-dropping 19 billion dollars on Whatsapp, by far the biggest player in the instant messaging market.

This goes to show that despite all the rumours and studies going around, Facebook isn’t going anywhere any time soon. 

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