Better Sing Saul – Saul Goodman’s first trailer is spot on

I was (am) a huge fan of Breaking Bad (I even own one of those hipster trendy Heisenberg t-shirts) and, like every one else, I loved the character of Saul Goodman, Walter’s more-than-shady lawyer.

However, when I heard a spin-off was coming along I wasn’t immediately on-board with the whole idea. I like shows that end and stay ended, and Breaking Bad’s finale was a remarkable achievement considering all the hype and pressure around it. I never felt I needed more Breaking Bad and certainly not more Saul Goodman.

However, the show’s brilliant marketing campaign is gradually selling me on the spin-off. I might not need it, but I can sure as hell enjoy it. I mean, have you seen the fauxdvertising billboards?

Better Call Saul

If that doesn’t make you want to watch the show, maybe the first trailer for the show – a music video called Better Call Saul performed by the deep rumbling voice and mad guitar skills of Junior Brown – will. Check it out:

The lyrics are clever and the music is spot on. If the show is half as good as its promotion, it’ll be damn great. 


Unloved ad is lovely

I don’t usually care much for long drawn-out TV ads that rely solely on a final shocking twist like some sort of miniaturized M. Night Shyamalan flick with a pack-shot, but this ad is pretty amazing. 

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Why I’m confident about the new Marvel-Netflix team-up.

If you too are disappointed that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (and its ever-dropping TV ratings) is just OK and not the genre-defining piece of epic television every Marvel Fanboy and Whedonite was expecting, here’s some (hopefully) good news: Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Daredivel are all getting their own show on Netflix

Not enough? They’re even making a tie-in Miniseries to amp up the awesomeness to 11! 

Dare Devil, Luke Cage and a Sammich

According to The Wall Street Journal, each show will have at least 13 episodes and, tentatively, several seasons, starting in 2015 with the Daredevil series, while miniseries will apparently show all four heroes teaming-up as the Defenders, a name drawn from the comics but with a very different line-up.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a real thing that is really happening. [UPDATED]

Thanks to Lord Joss Whedon, King of the Geeks, we are to be treated with what seems like a high-budget Marvel Movieverse spin-off TV Show, featuring beloved (yet very dead) character Agent Phil Coulson: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This is not news (unless you’ve been living under a rock), what is news is that first promo is out and it looks downright amazing:

Update 1: New 3-minute trailer up next:

Not only does it seem like the show will have a decent budget for special effects and action sequences, it will also serve a greater purpose: to showcase some of the many Marvel superheroes and villains who are not high-profile enough to make it to the silver screen. Not yet, at least.

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