Channel 4 has cancelled Utopia. Mr. Rabbit refuses to comment.

You know Utopia, that wonderfully original British TV show everyone loves?


Yeah, that one.


Well, according to Den of Geek, C4 isn’t renewing it for a third season. This is what I have to say on the matter:

I’m pretty sure the storyline will continue in some form or another, most likely a comic book series or graphic novel as that would be exactly as meta as a IP as Utopia should be, but I have to admit I’m quite saddened with this piece of news.

I follow and watch around a dozen TV Shows (at least), but there are only a handful of them that I truly consider myself a fan of. Utopia is, sorry, was, one of them. 

Here’s to hoping Amazon, Netflix, or some other platform picks up on it and keeps the story going. *Wink**Wink**Nudge**Nudge*