I could watch Terry Crews’ Old Spice videos all day long

I admit that the Terry Crews starred Old Spice commercials and campaigns are a clear case of “love it or hate it“.

But ever since that amazing interactive video on Vimeo I am definitely on the “love it” camp.

The unashamed silliness of the script and the so-over-the-top-it’s-hit-the-stratosphere-by-now delivery by Terry hit the mark every single time.


The Internet is full of wonderful things

If you don’t believe me, just dedicate three and a half minutes of your life to this video.

I’m not the emotional type. Not by a long shot. And I don’t usually fall for this type of heart-warming artsy videos. They’re just not my cup of tea. But the sheer honesty and simplicity, as well as the technical prowess, of Tatia Pilieva’s First Kiss completely got to me.

Also, I’m pretty sure some of these couples went straight home after the shoot. Or at least I like to think they did.

Unloved ad is lovely

I don’t usually care much for long drawn-out TV ads that rely solely on a final shocking twist like some sort of miniaturized M. Night Shyamalan flick with a pack-shot, but this ad is pretty amazing. 

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Facebook buys Whatsapp. Continues on path towards World Domination.

So by now you all know that Facebook has bought Whatsapp for a few billion dollars.

This is definitely big news, but not exactly surprising.  

While other companies go around buying every other app or start-up they come across, Facebook has been following a disciplined mixed strategy of in-house development and big market-shaking acquisitions when it comes to the mobile market. On one hand, they released Pages, their own Messenger with its infamous chat-heads and most recently Paper, their would be Flipbook-killer; while on the other they dropped 1 billion dollars on Instagram in 2012 and now a jaw-dropping 19 billion dollars on Whatsapp, by far the biggest player in the instant messaging market.

This goes to show that despite all the rumours and studies going around, Facebook isn’t going anywhere any time soon. 

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“Organic reach dropping? Pay up!” says Facebook

For once Facebook is being pretty straightforward about their approach to business. As in, “Yes, we’ve cut your organic reach because we want more of your money.”

As reported by AdAge, a three page document sent out by Facebook to its partners clearly states that “We expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time” and that the solution is simply to spend more money on promoted posts and social ads “to maximize delivery of your message in news feed.”

Now ain’t that nice.

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New Chrome Experiment whisks you away to Middle-Earth

I’m an admitted fan of both Google and Tolkien, so it’s no surprise that I can safely say A Journey Through Middle Earth” is my favourite Chrome Experiment yet. 

From the Trollshaws to the Lonely Mountain, through Rivendell and Mirkwood, this perfectly crafted digital experience invites you to relive some of the most famous scenes and location’s from The Hobbit.

A Journey Through Middle Earth

Part of Warner Brother’s massive promotion effort for the upcoming “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug“, this website’s navigation is both intuitive and fluid, the transitions are seamless, the loading times are surprisingly short and every little detail is flawlessly designed.

From the world map to the mini-games, from the menus to the scarce text screens, everything fits in. Even on a (powerful enough) tablet the website works perfectly and it’s a delight to swipe, pinch and furiously tap the screen to escape Tom, Burt and Bill.

It might not be the most creative or ground-breaking experienceout there, but the immersion is absolute and I feel like I could spend hours of my day fiddling around with it. Not only because it’s my “job”, but because I just feel like it.

Holy splits Batman! This Volvo ad featuring Van Damme is stunning.

I really don’t have anything to ad to this. The most epic of splits.

Over 8 million views and counting. This is how Virals are born.