What is this?
It’s a blog. Duh.

Ok, but what is it about?
It’s about the things I care about the most (besides my family and friends): advertising, specially digital and interactive; the Internet, and all its wonders and horrors; geek culture, be it games, comics, movies, tv shows but mostly games; and any other stuff I might fancy talking about.

And you are?
I’m André, a 30 something Portuguese guy currently living and working in Montevideo, Uruguay. I lived in Barcelona for a few years, where I met my lovely Uruguayan wife, with whom I now have a son. That’s about it.

What do you do for a living?
I’ve been working on advertising for over a decade now and I’ve specialized in digital and Interactive marketing. Currently, I’m Creative Director at Cero Negativo Uruguay, and before that I worked for a few years in Barcelona’s DoubleYou as a Senior Copywriter and at Proximity_DIGITAL in Lisbon as Creative Supervisor. I’ve always worked as a creative, but I’m also very much into the strategic side of advertising. Maybe that’s why I like to write about it so much. If you’re curious, you can always check out my portfolio.

If you’re Portuguese and you live in Uruguay, why is this blog in English?
First of all, not all of it will be in English. From time to time there might be a few posts in both Spanish and Portuguese, related to more local matters. These posts will be identified in the title with [EN ESPAÑOL] and [EM PORTUGUÊS] and will have a category of their own.

Second of all, I’m lucky enough to know people from all around the world who speak quite a few different languages and, since English is the  Internet’s Lingua Franca, I’ve decided to write most of this blog in English. If you don’t understand something, I recommend using Google Translate for useful and sometimes hilarious translations.