Videogames are awesome (and infuriatingly frustrating).

I like videogames. A lot. Really, quite a lot.

But sometimes, more often than I’d like to admit, they drive me completely bonkers with frustration.

Now BuzzFeedPop has boiled down some of these infuriating moments in an awesome video aptly titled “The 50 Most Frustrating Moments In Videogames” and I have to say, I’ve been through A LOT of them.

It’s an amusing little video and it sure brings out some cherished, and not so cherished, memories.

So, if you’re a videogame nut like me, watch it, like it, share it.


New Chrome Experiment whisks you away to Middle-Earth

I’m an admitted fan of both Google and Tolkien, so it’s no surprise that I can safely say A Journey Through Middle Earth” is my favourite Chrome Experiment yet. 

From the Trollshaws to the Lonely Mountain, through Rivendell and Mirkwood, this perfectly crafted digital experience invites you to relive some of the most famous scenes and location’s from The Hobbit.

A Journey Through Middle Earth

Part of Warner Brother’s massive promotion effort for the upcoming “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug“, this website’s navigation is both intuitive and fluid, the transitions are seamless, the loading times are surprisingly short and every little detail is flawlessly designed.

From the world map to the mini-games, from the menus to the scarce text screens, everything fits in. Even on a (powerful enough) tablet the website works perfectly and it’s a delight to swipe, pinch and furiously tap the screen to escape Tom, Burt and Bill.

It might not be the most creative or ground-breaking experienceout there, but the immersion is absolute and I feel like I could spend hours of my day fiddling around with it. Not only because it’s my “job”, but because I just feel like it.

Why I’m confident about the new Marvel-Netflix team-up.

If you too are disappointed that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (and its ever-dropping TV ratings) is just OK and not the genre-defining piece of epic television every Marvel Fanboy and Whedonite was expecting, here’s some (hopefully) good news: Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Daredivel are all getting their own show on Netflix

Not enough? They’re even making a tie-in Miniseries to amp up the awesomeness to 11! 

Dare Devil, Luke Cage and a Sammich

According to The Wall Street Journal, each show will have at least 13 episodes and, tentatively, several seasons, starting in 2015 with the Daredevil series, while miniseries will apparently show all four heroes teaming-up as the Defenders, a name drawn from the comics but with a very different line-up.

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OMFG you can Streetview the TARDIS!

Wether or not you’re a Whovian, this is by far one the coolest Google Easter Eggs I’ve ever come across: you can walk around inside the TARDIS on Google Maps’ Streetview!

TARDIS Streetview

According to TechCrunch, all you have to do is click this link and then, depending on what version of Google Maps you’re using, either:

  • New Google Maps: immediately press the “up arrow” on your keyboard to enter the TARDIS.
  • Old Google Maps: move your mouse around a bit until a double-arrow appears just in front of the blue police box (picture below) and click to enter the bloody TARDIS! 
Click These to enter the TARDIS.


A useful note for those using the brand new Google Maps: apparently this doesn’t always work, so TechCrunch suggest opening the link on a new “incognito” window of your browser, in order to use old Google Maps by default.

I’ve just recently started watching Doctor Who and I’m furiously mutating into a full-fledged Whovian fanboy, so for me this is almost as awesome as having one of my favourite british actors playing the 12th Doctor

Youtube will have a Geek Week, because of course it will.

In another evident proof that indeed the Geek have inherited the Earth, Youtube has announced its very own Geek Week, starting on August 4th.

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Microsoft flip-flops on Xbox One’s used games and online policies.

Surprising absolutely no one, Microsoft has backtracked on the massively unpopular policies it had recently announced concerning the Xbox One’s DRM, mandatory online connections and region locking.

In a desperately titled “Your Feedback Matters” post on its official website by president Don Mattrick, who had claimed just a few days ago that people with no Internet connection should just keep their Xbox 360 and forget about joining the new generation of consoles, Microsoft announces that the new Xbox One will work exactly as the current Xbox 360 when it comes to used games and online connection. Furthermore, they’ve also dropped the archaic XX century measure of region locking.

"We listen..."

Source: Destructoid

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Online Treasures part II: “Comedic Webcomics!”

It’s time for Online Treasures’ second installation, this time dedicated to one of my biggest digital pastimes: Webcomics! 

I follow way too many webcomics to mention them all here, and the three I’ve selected to mention here aren’t necessarily my favourites, but were chosen because they all have something different that tells them apart, be it brains, smarminess or penises.

This is by far the most well known of the webcomics featured on this post, and deservedly so. xkcd is a genius blend of science, humour, nerddom and heartfelt humanity

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