The Thousand Dollar Shave Society lets you shave for a thousand dollars.

Hello. Have you ever heard of the Dollar Shave Club? Neither have I.

But apparently it’s big enough of a thing to be trolled by yet another beard-centric entity that lets you order shaving paraphernalia from the Internet.

I give you, the Thousand Dollar Shave Society.

The gist of the thing is that one is a cheap club that sells razors for less than 10 bucks while the other is a premium society that offers a luxury shaving kit that apparently includes a brush made of badger fur and a razor made of stag antler.


While the Dollar Shave Club is the real deal, I’m not entirely sure how serious its expensive counterpart is. The thing is, I don’t really care. The video is witty, brilliantly scripted, competently acted and well directed, creating an absurdist piece of fauxdvertising (or not) which really struck a nerve with me. The “And Presto! You’re ready to make babies… on purpose” line in the end really seals the deal with me.

I’ll still never order a thousand dollar shaving kit, though.


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